I’ve listened to Iowa. To my friends and neighbors. My fellow workers, my union brothers and sisters. Our young people and our retirees. To teachers, nurses, farmers. I’m ALL IN for a better future for Iowa. I’d be honored to be your Governor.

I’ve been traveling the state and listening to Iowans and what I keep hearing is they’re fed up. They’re sick & tired of working two and three jobs to get by… But I also hear over and over that they’re ready to rise up for bold, progressive change in 2018. For $15. For union rights. For universal single-payer healthcare.

It’s time to send a message to the corporate lobbyists who pull the Republicans’ strings…To the bosses & billionaires who’ve been dictating the agenda in Des Moines: Your days of controlling our state are numbered. It’s OUR time!

Watch Cathy’s speech to the Iowa Democratic Party. Then join our movement for a bold progressive Iowa.

I’ve traveled the state from Dubuque to Moravia, from Milford to Keokuk… talking to everyday Iowans who feel like they’ve been left behind. They’re tired of a rigged economy. They feel cheated by politicians who are bought and paid for by corporations and CEOs. They’re hurt by a healthcare system that puts care at the bottom and profits at the top. They’re disgusted when corporate farms are dumping chemicals into our water & big pharmaceutical companies are pumping opioids into our communities.

With our country torn open by Mother Nature, we’ve seen America’s heart. I’ve watched with pride as my fellow nurses, doctors, hospital workers & our first responders stand in the eye of the storm. We’re reminded why government matters—fully funding our health & human services saves lives.

I’m exploring a run for Governor of Iowa in 2018 because working people have been beaten down for too long… This year, the Governor and the Legislature stripped union rights from 184,000 Iowans. But they didn’t stop there. They actually lowered the minimum wage in Iowa’s largest counties. Their policies are wiping out the middle class.