I believe everyone has a fundamental right to high quality health care at every stage of their life. As an intensive care nurse, I’ve seen what happens on the front lines every day— insurance companies put profits first and patients dead last.

That’s why I support the Medicare for All legislation that’s been introduced in Congress. A nationwide plan to expand Medicare to all Americans makes the most sense.

But if the politicians in Washington, D.C. fail to act, Iowa must be ready to lead the way. 

Our movement will fight for a publicly-administered, single-payer, universal health care system right here in our state.

The key principles of our universal, single-payer health plan will be simple:

  • Every Iowan must be covered and nobody will be left out.
  • We’ll cut out the for-profit insurance companies and focus on lowering costs and improving care.
  • Our plan will include preventative care, mental health services, reproductive health care, drug addiction treatment, prescription drug coverage and expand access in rural communities.
  • As Governor, I will also end the disastrous Republican privatization of Iowa’s Medicaid program. Even though this scheme has been exposed as a failure, Kim Reynolds has doubled down on this policy that takes life-saving care away from Iowa’s most vulnerable citizens.

As a nurse and health care union leader, I’ve been fighting to reform our broken health care system for decades. Now, I’m running for Governor to make sure every single Iowan gets high quality health care whenever they need it, regardless of their income.

We believe the time for political excuses and half-measures is over.

Everybody in. Nobody left out. That’s what our movement is fighting for.