The politicians in Des Moines like to talk about Iowa’s low unemployment rate. They say our economy is great.

But great for who?

It’s not great for the 381,000 Iowa households struggling every month to afford basic expenses. Or for Iowans working two and three low-paying jobs to make ends meet. Or for Iowa parents trying to stretch their paychecks to cover $900 a month for childcare.

Sure, Iowans are working. But too many are earning too little to build a middle-class life for themselves and their families.

Working people have been getting beaten up for too long. And our elected officials have done too little to stand up and fight for them.

That’s why I’m running for Governor of Iowa.

I’m focused on a bold, progressive agenda that puts the needs of hard-working Iowans first.

I support raising Iowa’s minimum wage to $15, making it easier for workers to join a union or come together in employee organizations and universal healthcare to cover every Iowan.

I’ve been going county to county, town to town, listening to Iowans. I’ve heard what’s on the minds of hardworking Iowans who have been ignored for too long— fromDavenport to Sioux City, Mason City to Centerville.

I hope you’ll join the conversation and support a bold, progressive vision for our state.