Cathy Glasson said Sunday her campaign is steaming toward Tuesday’s Iowa primary election even if that vote doesn’t determine the Democratic challenger for Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds.

Unless one of the five active candidates in the crowded field wins 35 percent of the primary vote, state law requires that the nomination be determined by delegates at a state convention.

“Our campaign has been prepared for either scenario,” Glasson said at a rally at the home of Kate Larson, a member of the Dubuque City Council.

Last month’s decision by Democratic candidate Nate Boulton to suspend his campaign amid reported misconduct allegations left five remaining candidates vying for the Democratic nomination.

“Since one candidate stepped out, I think that lessens the likelihood of a convention,” Glasson said.

Union leader Glasson met with supporters in Dubuque and helped knock on doors of prospective voters with only a few days remaining in the campaign.

“We will continue to circle around the state,” she said. “I’m really excited. I feel really positive and I think our momentum is building.”

Glasson told supporters in Dubuque that she favors reversing Iowa’s right-to-work laws to boost union strength, increasing funding for K-12 education and creating a universal, single-payer health care system.

“Health care is still the No. 1 issue,” Glasson said. “We need to use the power of government to get what we need and what we deserve.”

Glasson was asked if she believes the government should handle Americans’ health care.

“If there are nurses and doctors in charge – yes,” she said.

Larson said she has been a Glasson supporter.

“I first met Cathy last summer,” Larson said. “That was the first time I heard her speak and it was the last thing from a canned speech — she was so passionate and cared so much about the issues. She’s the kind of candidate we need. I think she has the best chance of beating Kim Reynolds.”

Evelyn Nadeau, of Dubuque, was one of about 25 supporters at the gathering. Nadeau said Glasson’s message “totally resonates with me.”

“I knew she was the candidate for me,” Nadeau said. “She’s very clear about things to help everyday people in Iowa.”