For Immediate Release

Contact: Roger Ouellette
May 10, 2017

“Yesterday’s ICE raids are a tragic reminder of why we need candidates and elected officials on the front lines fighting for our aspiring citizens.This raid will devastate dozens of families, have detrimental impacts on the Mount Pleasant community, and foster fear among our entire immigrant population. Our immigrant communities are an integral part of Iowa and we cannot allow them be ripped out of the cities and towns they lead and help prosper. As we approach the ten year anniversary of Iowa’s infamous Postville raids, it’s time to admit that party politics have failed our undocumented community. It’s time for candidates and elected officials to end the talk, end the compromise, we must act to stop the tearing apart of Iowa families.​ ​I’ve always supported an open and compassionate path to citizenship, stood shoulder to shoulder with our immigrant communities and allies at the the rallies against SF481, and as Governor will fight to ensure ICE stays out of our communities. Iowa’s elected officials and public employees don’t work for ICE. Our police don’t work for ICE. It’s not the job of police in Iowa to enforce immigration rules. Their job is to keep our communities safe, to serve us and protect us—all of us.”

The Glasson campaign encourages supporters and community members to attend the Immigrant Children Vigil hosted by Iowa WINs in Mt. Pleasant this evening.

Immigrant Children Vigil
Thursday May 10th
5:00pm to 6:00pm
Henry County Courthouse
100 E Washington St. Suite 101
Mt. Pleasant Iowa 52641