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Cathy Glasson’s bold progressive movement shows up strong at Iowa Democratic
Party County Conventions

More than 300 Glasson supporters elected as delegates across Iowa

After winning the largest number of committed delegates last month at the Iowa Democratic Caucuses,
grassroots activists racked up new victories for Cathy Glasson’s insurgent campaign on Saturday at County
Conventions across the state. More than 1,000 Glasson supporters braved snowstorms and icy roads to
attend conventions in 95 counties where more than 300 of them were elected as delegates to upcoming
District and State conventions. Additionally, hundreds more were elected as alternates. If no candidate
receives at least 35% of the votes cast in the June 5 Primary, the gubernatorial nominee will be chosen by
delegates to the State Democratic Convention on June 16.

Many of the Glasson delegates are getting involved in politics for the first time. College students and youngactivists helped Glasson secure the largest number of committed delegates in Johnson, Story, and
Poweshiek counties. Glasson also performed strongly in many rural and suburban counties, winning the
largest number of committed delegates in Jefferson, Cedar, and Washington Counties.

The Glasson campaign’s statewide grassroots organizing has shifted into overdrive. Since last month’s
Democratic Caucus win, Glasson’s 1200 volunteers have increased the campaign’s outreach to nearly
60,000 direct voter contacts with Iowa Democrats.

“I was a first-time delegate this year because Cathy inspired me with her plan to raise Iowa’s minimum wage
to $15,” said Des Moines resident Lisa Lai. “I moved to Iowa after obtaining my master’s degree and was
paid less than $15 an hour. I struggled to pay my rent and went into debt. Cathy Glasson knows every Iowan
deserves a living wage and she’ll fight hard for that as our next Governor.”
“I braved the bad weather on caucus night and I did it again Saturday to support Cathy because she supports
making it easier for people to form and join a union wherever they work,” said Urbandale resident Joe
Ellerbroek. “Without my union fighting for benefits in the workplace, I wouldn’t have the health coverage I
need to obtain medications and the care I need to live.”

“House by house, street by street, town by town, we’re building a bold new movement of hard-working
Iowans who are rising up to take our state government back,” Cathy Glasson said. “This campaign belongs
to thousands of Iowans who are ready to fundamentally change the way we do politics. They want an Iowa
where everybody’s in and nobody’s left out. They want a Governor who will fight for universal, single-payer
health care and the right to join a union no matter where you work. I’m honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with my neighbors across Iowa in this fight for the future of our state.”

Cathy Glasson, 59, is the President of SEIU Local 199 representing thousands of nurses, health care
workers and school support employees across Iowa. She is a registered nurse who worked in the intensive
care unit at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics where she led the effort to unionize her fellow nurses 18years ago. She lives in Coralville, Iowa with her husband Matt, a labor educator.