Cathy Glasson’s movement shows up to demand bold progressive change at Iowa  Democratic Caucus.
ICU nurse & union leader moves towards primary with hundreds of committed delegates across Iowa.

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Despite a snowstorm and orchestrated establishment attempts to stop Iowans from expressing their early gubernatorial preference in precinct caucuses, Cathy Glasson’s progressive campaign for Governor surged to the forefront of the race. Based on early field reports to the campaign from precincts around the state, Glasson was the candidate who received the most delegates in at least dozens of precincts where Democrats broke out by gubernatorial preference.

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund PAC reported that Glasson won at least 49.4% of the delegates in seven counties (Story, Poweshiek, Adair, Boone, Guthrie, Hardin and Sac) where their members worked to turn out caucus goers.“Uncommitted” came in second place in those counties with 24.1%.

Glasson’s campaign has focused its work on grassroots organizing and community building across the state racking up nearly 40,000 contacts to Iowa Democrats in recent weeks through its statewide network of over 1,000 volunteers. Many of the of supporters who turned out for Glasson tonight were Iowans new to the political process who participated for the very first time.

“Having a candidate I would brave the cold and snow to caucus for has never been a reality for me before.” said first time caucus goer and Glasson supporter Damien Williams. “Cathy Glasson’s willingness to fight for the issues I care about like raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and bringing universal healthcare to Iowa really inspired me to step up and get involved. I know I’m not
the only one either, Cathy is inspiring a lot of people from all over Iowa to step up for the first time. That’s why I think she’s the candidate who has the best shot to win in November.”

“I ‘ve said from day one that if we led with the issues and let the needs of everyday people drive this campaign, Iowans would rise up,” said Cathy Glasson. “That certainly was the case this evening. Despite tough obstacles with snow and ice and cars stuck in drifts, tonight’s turnout proved that Iowans are ready for bold progressive change in 2018. Iowans want a $15 minimum wage, they want clean water and expanded union rights, and they know it’s time for universal healthcare. Tonight, Iowans rejected half measures and watered-down centrist policies. And let’s be clear: our bold progressive movement is just getting started.”