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December 8, 2017

Iowa Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cathy Glasson was endorsed today by National Nurses United (NNU), the largest nurses union in the country representing 150,000 nurses nationwide. National Nurses United cited Glasson’s dedication to delivering a single-payer universal health care system and building a progressive future for every Iowan as its reasons for endorsing Glasson’s campaign.

“As an ICU nurse and health care union leader, I’m deeply honored to have earned the endorsement of National Nurses United in my campaign for Iowa Governor,” Glasson stated. “Nurses in NNU are leading the fight in our nation to make health care a right for all, not just a privilege for the wealthy few. These nurses are on the frontlines for Medicare for All and they stand with me in supporting a single-payer universal health plan for Iowa if Congress fails to act. I know Iowa can lead the way on universal health care, on expanding mental health treatment, and ensuring all women have access to reproductive health care whenever they need it.  Standing shoulder to shoulder with the 150,000 members of National Nurses United, I’m ready to lead the fight for a bold, progressive future for Iowa.”

“Iowa needs a nurse,” said Teresa Meyer, a registered nurse from Waverly. “Even more importantly, we need a compassionate leader in the Governor’s office with the conviction to make big changes for working families. That’s Cathy Glasson.”

“As an ICU nurse, Cathy Glasson has seen the devastating effects of the for-profit health care system on Iowa families,” said Barb Kalbach, a registered nurse from Adair County. “As a union leader, she fought to reform health care. As Governor, Cathy Glasson will use her power to make sure every Iowan finally has quality health care whenever they need it. She is ready to heal Iowa.”

“I’m honored that America’s most trusted profession has placed its trust in me to lead a bold, progressive change for Iowa,” concluded Glasson. “As Governor, I’ll work hard every day to raise the standard of living and improve the quality of life for every Iowan.”

Cathy Glasson, 59, is the President of SEIU Local 199 representing thousands of nurses, health care workers and school support employees across Iowa. She is a registered nurse who worked in the intensive care unit at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics where she led the effort to unionize her fellow nurses 18 years ago. She lives in Coralville, Iowa with her husband Matt, a labor educator.