November 27, 2017


“I’m here to deliver a message to the working people of Iowa…

For too long, your voices have been silenced…

By a Republican Governor and Legislature bought and paid for by corporations.

By watered-down centrist policies that settle for too little and leave too many out.

And by politicians who tell you they know what’s best … Instead of listening to what you need.

To the men and women I’ve met across Iowa who told me they’ve been left out…

To the young people who think no one is listening…

Tonight, we’re here to say….

Loud and clear.


To the 331,000 low-wage Iowa workers who desperately need a raise…


We will fight for a $15 minimum wage—fast. We’ll get there in three years and index it to inflation going forward.

To the 28 million Americans who have no health insurance…

Millions more who are underinsured and can’t get the care they need when they need it.


We will fight for Medicare for All.

Healthcare is a fundamental right. Not a luxury for the wealthy.

As an ICU nurse, I believe this is in my heart…

We will build support for universal healthcare in all 99 counties of Iowa.

If the politicians in Washington don’t do the right thing, then we will work to pass a universal, single-payer plan right here to cover every Iowan.

It’s the only way to ensure every Iowan gets the care they need —which includes access to mental and reproductive health services.

Everybody in, nobody out… Iowa will lead the way.

If you’re a parent worried about Iowa’s commitment to public schools…

Or a teacher struggling on a paycheck that’s too small…


We will demand a major investment to truly make public education our top priority again.
No more lip service.

We will call on the legislature to increase school funding by six percent over current budget levels so we can invest in STEM education, relieve overcrowding and increase teacher pay.

And I hope the legislature listens carefully… As Governor, I will VETO any budget with less than a 4% increase in K through 12 funding.

To the 14,000 Iowans who lost their health care because Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds de-funded Planned Parenthood…


We will fight to reopen every clinic they shut down and give you the reproductive health care you need.

To Iowans whose land is being swallowed up and poisoned by corporate agriculture…


For years, factory farms have polluted our lakes, rivers and streams.

They’ve fouled over 750 waterways with their toxic chemicals, waste and fertilizer.

It’s time for a Governor who’ll stay out of the pocket of the corporate farms and protect our water.

We need a moratorium on all new or expanded factory farms until big-ag cleans up the mess they made.

It’s time to rise up and be counted.

To build a bold, progressive future.

I’m running for Governor to be your voice.

So your demand for change carries from this room and echoes through all 99 counties.

So it rattles the windows in the corporate suites…

Rumbles through each chamber of the state house…

And roars into the Governor’s mansion…

A thundering wake up call.

Iowa working families,

Brothers & Sisters…


I’m Cathy Glasson.

I’d be honored to be your Governor.