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November 27, 2017 203-841-6711

Offers bold progressive vision on increasing wages, universal health care, education funding and clean water in fiery speech to Iowa Democrats

Democratic Candidate for Governor Cathy Glasson delivered a rousing speech at the Iowa Democratic Party Fall Gala Monday night in Des Moines. Speaking to a packed auditorium at the Iowa Events Center, Glasson called upon fellow Democrats to join her in giving working people a real voice and a seat at the table in state government again.

“For too long, the voices of working people have been silenced,” Glasson said. “They’ve been silenced by a Republican Governor and Legislature bought and paid for by corporations, by watered-down centrist policies that settle for too little and leave working people out, and by politicians who say they know what’s best instead of listening to what we need. To the men and women I’ve met across Iowa who told me they’ve been left out, tonight we’re here to say loud and clear, we hear you, and we’ll fight for you!”

Glasson, who has been a leading progressive voice on health care, used her speech to expand on her plans for universal health care to cover every Iowan. “To the 14,000 Iowans who lost their health care because Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds de-funded Planned Parenthood, we will fight to re-open every clinic and give you the reproductive health care you need.” Glasson said. “We will fight for Medicare for All and work to build support in all 99 counties of Iowa. If the politicians in Washington don’t do the right thing, we’ll work to pass a universal, single-payer plan right here to cover every Iowan that includes access to mental and reproductive health services.”

Glasson also emphasized her commitment to making Iowa Public schools the envy of the nation once again. “We will call upon the legislature to increase school funding by six percent so we can invest in STEM education, relieve overcrowding, and increase teacher pay.”

Glasson was joined at the event supporters from across Iowa who gathered in the bleachers of the auditorium. Many were low-wage workers who had come after a full-day on the job. Glasson’s grassroots supporters chanted “We’re Rising Up” in response to her call for a new commitment to citizen-powered, progressive politics in Iowa.

Cathy Glasson, 59, is the President of SEIU Local 199 representing thousands of nurses, health care workers and school support employees across Iowa. She is a registered nurse who worked in the intensive care unit at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics where she led the effort to unionize her fellow nurses 18 years ago. She lives in Coralville with her husband Matt, a labor educator.